Our ethos at Obsidian Detailing is low volume and high quality detailing. You won’t find lots of nameless faceless detailers with 100’s of cars being worked upon at one time in a factory setting. We pride ourselves on taking care of one customer at a time and lavishing your pride and joy or daily driver with our fullest attention, and doing it in the beautiful surroundings of the hills in saddleworth. Auto, aero and marine vehicles can all be catered for.

What we offer

We try to cover ALL levels of work, from 100+ hour details through to basic maintenance, we can cater to all owners. Here is a list of all stock packages built to provide value to our customers, but all work can be bespoke to your needs. Take a look at what we offer.

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Not Sure What You Want Or Need?

Not everyone knows a swirl from a hologram, a scratch from a sanding mark, and what is a ceramic coating anyway! Allow me to help you dial in your choices.




ALL packages start out with the same multistage wash and decontamination routine, to achieve squeeky clean surfaces. Glass, paint and gloss blacks are all machine polished to prepare for ceramic coating application. After this the wheels are removed ready for their own coatings. The differenece there after is in the quality of the coating itself.


New car preparation ultimate £999

New car preparation heal £750

New car preparation standard £650


Paint protection film (PPF) can be added to any standard package but is highly recommended for new vehicles. An optically clear rubberised film that is invisible to the naked eye, it is as thick as the paint itself in pure protection. This is THE only way we an protect against road rash and stone chips.


Extended kit £1500

Full front end £999


The overwhelming majority of defects in a cars paint are caused during regular washing and drying. Machine polishing is how we permanantly remove that damage. These will not come back (drop back) but you can cause similar defects again yourself should you use poor wash or drying techniques.


Heavy enhancement£750

Dual stage enhancement £500

Single stage enhancement £300

Full correction TBC

Orange peel reduction TBC

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Ceramic coatings are a better form of protection for your paint than sealants, in every measurable way. Thicker stronger longer, they will keep your car cleaner for longer, make it easier to clean when you do and remove the need for regular waxing/polishing as they last years not weeks. these can be added to any machine polishing package.


Single layer of titan £100

Double layer of titan £150

Single layer of zeus £200

Double layer of zeus £250

Double layer of vulcan £350

Wheel removal and coating £200